In Appreciation – A Resident’s Letter to Giddings’ Staff

In early September I was admitted to the Giddings Residence and Rehab center.  We were given the name of the center by the hospital as one closest to our home that had the tracheotomy supplies and oxygen set up that I needed.  My husband toured the facility and was please.  Everyone was very nice.

I had partial removal of the tongue repaired with muscle from the left arm and skin graft from the left leg.  I arrive by ambulance and was immediately situated and care for with kindness and professional care.

This continued with all the nurses, aides, therapists and the administration.  The physical therapist got me up and walking again, first with a cane then on my own, and continued to work to strengthen my leg.  The occupational therapist continued to work with me to strengthen my hand and arm after the cast was removed.  The speech therapist worked with me constantly to improve my speech and help me learn how to swallow again.

The nurses and aides have all been kind, considerate and progression al the administrative staff have always responded quickly and efficiently to all of my concerns and questions.  The administration and staff all work together well and it extends to the patient.  It is a well-run facility with a fantastic staff and I will be most happy to recommend it to everyone.

Patricia Barnes

PS:  I cannot say enough good things about this facility, the people to run it, and the fantastic staff.  They really care and show it in a hundred different way.  I am particularly indebted to the management who have gone beyond normal limits to make this facility available to my wife.  I do appreciate your efforts and the exceptional care that my wife has received.

Ernest Barnes